AAYHF Direct Program Descriptions

AAYHF Conferences
Where it all began… Since 2006, AAYHF has successfully managed one of the largest ongoing school and community driven conference series in Central Texas, which has served thousands of Central Texas youth in multiple school districts with special presentations and interactive workshops designed to build their academic, workforce, social-emotional and civic skills and competencies, so they can thrive as scholars, friends, family members, and the next generation of contributors in society.

Small group and one-to-one mentoring in a variety of settings, and a connection to wraparound services, for youth identified as needing support.

Junior Achievement 

The African American Youth Harvest Foundation has partnered with Junior Achievement to bring you two JA Programs. The first, JA Company Program, is for students grades 9 – 12. It teaches the students about being and entrepreneur and running a business through hands-on, real world experiences. The second is for students grades 6th-8th. This program is call It’s My Future and its purpose is to help get students thinking about possible career clusters before they get to high school. This will come in especially handy for those students who are going to be entering high school in the next year or two because it can help them narrow down and understand their choices for their high school track. If you would like to apply for the Company Program or learn more about these programs click the buttons below!

Dell Youth CITI
Communications and Information Technology Initiative with Dell’s Youth Learning program, which has funded a computer lab at the AAYRC to provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs including:

  • Sugar Coders: Beginner computer science education for young and preteen girls of color, who creatively brainstorm, design, and implement code to build online web pages and games.
  • Code Avengers: A fun and effective STEM software in which youth use creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to build small grid videos, games and mobile applications.
  • Print Explorers: Youth use an online application to create incredible designs that can be printed in 3D as real-world products and taken home.
  • Harvest Robotics: Students are challenged to use real-world math and science concepts to design, build, and text drones and robots, compete in Lego Robotics competitions, and focus on a service learning project. Hydro Dynamics Mission Model Building teaches how to find, transport, use, and dispose of water.

Middle and high school youth engage in project-based learning experiences that incorporate various media disciplines including social media, design, photography, film, television and radio. Youth use these skills to produce a variety of media products for hire while focusing on community issues – and have an opportunity to enter their work at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Urban University Summer Camp
A six-week, high impact summer program, to prevent summer learning loss and equip youth with the intellectual, social and creative resources necessary for academic, career and life success.

Parent Programs
Support groups for parents to promote healthy relationships, economic security, mental and physical wellness, and to equip parents to be effective advocates for themselves and/or their children.

Workforce Assistance
Youth and adults receive case management and skills training to identify and successfully pursue career paths that will result in meaningful and family-supporting employment.

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