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60th Anniversary of the March on Washington

AAYHF Weekly Newsletter – Lofton’s attend MLK 60th Anniversary March on Washington! – Changing the Story 2023 Gala Tickets Available Now!
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Saturday, August 26, 2023 –

Event Day –

60th Anniversary MLK March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom –

Washington, D.C.

AAYHF CEO, Michael Lofton and wife, Elaine, attended the 60th Anniversary of the March on Washington. In addition to Lofton’s scheduled meetings, Michael met the following individuals:

Rev. Al Sharpton. Pastor Frederick Haynes, National Urban League President Marc Morial, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Hakeem Jefferies, Mayor Andrew Young, Mario Van Peebles, Korey Wise, Attorney Benjamin Crump, CNN Political Contributor Van Jones, First Lady of New York, several members from the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus and many more. 

The event was breathtaking, and a lot of critical information was shared. I will post a lot of the speeches from the 20 plus speakers. Michael and Elaine met Martin Luther King III and family before they left D.C. on Sunday, and they look forward to coming to Austin to be with the community on October 27th and 28th. 

We hope everyone can come and join us for all the events we have planned. 

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Friday, August 25, 2023 – March on Washington

Pre-Event Day – Washington, D.C.

Michael Lofton photographed with, Rev. Al Sharpton, Founder & President, National Action Network (NAN)/Civil Rights Activist, Senior Pastor, Frederick D. Haynes, III (Dallas, TX) and Marc H. Morial, President, National Urban League.

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Queens to Be/Q2B and Boys2Men/B2M are weekly scheduled AAYHF mentoring programs held onsite every Tuesday. Our mentoring programs are year-round and free for youth participants. For more information contact DeAndre Wheeler:


8/22: Q2B session focused on creating vision boards. “Our young ladies started working on their vision boards. Still focusing on #1 What makes me happy, #2 What’s important to me right now, #3 What I am Grateful for. We do a presentation of vision boards next week.”

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Thank you to Amazon and all of our Volunteers for assisting during our mentoring programs.

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“Thank you, Mr. Lofton and the team at @aayhfoundation for all the amazing work you do for our youth & community. We had a great time seeing your programs in action!”


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AAYHF Back-to-School Event.

Watch highlights of the day here!

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HC4A (Hindu Charities for America) partners with AAYHF on vocational scholarships!

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Week of 8/14 with AAYHF!

8/15 – B2M (Boys2Men) weekly mentoring program. Our all-girl’s mentoring group also met for another inspiring session! Also, be sure to watch the video below of Michael Lofton, Founder & CEO, AAYHF, instilling purpose and confidence in the Mentees!

8/15 Thanks to Joey Roberts of Halff for the generous donation to AAYHF!

8/17 – AAYHF Team met with members of the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department (Aaron Anderson, Alex Monroe, Allison Depaz, Nathdaniel Whitfield, Jennifer Kelly, Stacy Walker, DeAndre Lankford as well as Herbert McMillian, Dell Technologies).

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August 8-August 12 with AAYHF!

August 8 – Our weekly signature programs – Boys’ (B2M/Boys2Men) and Girls’ Mentoring programs met as regularly scheduled. Youth participants engaged in powerful learning and life skills topics and enjoyed a “Taco Tuesday” dinner!

August 10 We went to the Salesforce office as they continue to support our annual backpack drive. Thanks again to Salesforce for supporting AAYHF another year.

Also, school supply donations from Dr. Homer & wife and the Oracle Corp. Thank you kindly!

August 11 Thanks to Amazon for their amazing donation to our Annual Back-to-School Backpack Drive Event!  

August 12 – AAYHF Annual Back-to-School Community Event.

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Annual Back-to-School

Community Event –

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Thank you to all of our Sponsors, Donors, Vendors, Partners, Volunteers and the AAYHF Team for making the day an amazing day for our youth and families!

Here are some memorable moments throughout the day!

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Martin Luther King, III,

will be the Keynote Speaker at the African American Youth Harvest Foundation Annual Gala, Saturday, October 28. In addition, he will be present for a VIP Brunch and Youth Summit on Friday, October 27.


Friday, October 27


Tour of AAYHF Facilities


Youth Summit – Houston Tillotson University

*Seeking Sponsorship

Saturday, October 28


VIP Brunch

Location: TBD


Fairmont Hotel – Downtown Austin

6pm-7pm – Reception

7pm-10pm – Dinner & Event

For Sponsorship and Special Event inquires contact Michael Lofton: MRLOFTON@AAYHF.ORG

Reserve Your Seat Here




“Delighted to connect Michael Lofton, CEO of  African American Youth Harvest Foundation  with  TCSOA (Travis County Sheriff’s Officers Association)  leadership. I’m grateful that The Association presented a check to support AAYHF youth programs.”

—Commissioner Ann Howard – at  Travis County, Texas – Government .

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Thanks to Jack n Jill Austin Chapter for supporting AAYHF!

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Thank you to A+ Federal Credit Union for their generous support of AAYHF families and programs!

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Protect your family and your legacy and by doing so you will also help another family! Purchase financial planning services from Value Financial Services: Scan the QR Code for a savings and support AAYHF!

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STEM, Technology, 3-D Printing, Gaming & Coding and more is offered at no charge for youth ages kindergarten through 12th grade inside of the Dell Tech Lounge.

STEM workshops are one of the continuous programs that AAYHF offers for young people.

What is STEM? STEM consists of the natural sciences, technology-related, engineering and math fields.

For more info:

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Happening in Austin!

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TAKE THE SURVEY – $50 gift card HERE:

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Health & Vaccine Care

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Food Pantry Info

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African American Youth Harvest Foundation

6633 Hwy 290 E., #307

Austin, TX 78723



Michael Lofton, Founder & CEO


Text a Donation: Text the word

CHANGE to 77948

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