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AAYHF Annual Spring Break Registration Now Open!

AAYHF Annual Spring Break Registration Now Open!
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The African American Youth Harvest Foundation Honors Black History Month!

Looking for ways to celebrate? Here are a few ideas:

Social media engagement:

  • Share daily facts, quotes, or trivia about Black history and culture.
  • Organize a social media challenge, encouraging followers to share stories, experiences, or tributes related to Black history.
  • Highlight Black-owned businesses, organizations, and influencers.
  • Use relevant hashtags like #BlackHistoryMonth, #CelebrateBlackHistory, and #SupportBlackBusinesses.

Volunteer/Give your time to a Black Organization

Watch Black Documentaries, Movies, Films

Read Books about Black Culture, History and Achievements


Youth Mentorship is the cornerstone of the Harvest Foundation. Check out this video of our “Dreamer’s Pathway” from the January 23 Mentoring groups!

Scroll down to see more mentoring highlights!

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NAACP meeting at AAYHF

February 3, 2024

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Photographed: Yannis Banks, Michael Lofton, Hopeton Hay & Casey Thomas

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KAZI meeting at AAYHF

February 3, 2024

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Touring AAYHF facilities

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AAYHF in partnership with Travis County and the City of Austin hosted the second Summer Youth Employment Program training held at Austin Achieve Public School on Saturday, February 3!

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AAYHF in partnership with Travis County and the City of Austin hosted the first of two Summer Youth Employment Program trainings held at Austin Achieve Public School on Saturday, January 27!

Carl Hunter, Executive Director, Building Promise was the Keynote Speaker.

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Thanks to United Healthcare for sponsoring lunch for the SYEP training as well as the Heatlh Awareness Fair.

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Health Awareness Fair sponsored by United Healthcare, Black Men’s Health Clinic and the African American Youth Harvest Foundation, Saturday, January 27 was held at Austin Achieve Public School. All of the health services, resources and lunch was provided for free!

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1/26: AAYHF staff attended a training on Conflict Resolution and Team Building. The training was put on by D’Affluenza, LLC.

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January 25, 2024: The African American Youth Harvest Foundation understands the importance of mental health and glad to support other organizations on their mental health platforms. And that’s why AAYHF attended and participated with an informational table at the Austin Spurs Mental Health Awareness Symposium.

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January 25, 2024: AAYHF attended and participated with an informational table at the Austin Spurs Mental Health Awareness Symposium.

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The City of Austin toured AAYHF facilities!

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1/25: The APD Victim Services Department Supervisors came to AAYHF & The Harvest Trauma Recovery Center for a site tour and discussion about the needs of the community, especially the needs of victims of violent crimes and how we are meeting the needs of the community as a whole.

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January 24, 2024, AAYHF team members attended the Youth Career Fest at the Palmer Event Center.

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Kimberly Holiday conducted outreach at Life Changers Church during the P4 – Pink Pajama Praise Party where the focus was The Harvest Trauma Recovery Center.

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The highly anticipated AAYHF Talent Showcase was Saturday, January 20!

The African American Youth Harvest Foundation’s Talent Showcase was an amazing event! What a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate talent, and support young people as they shine on stage. Contestants in the showcase were eligible to win a variety of prizes!

Thank you to all of the talented contestants that came out last night as well as our wonderful audience who cheered everyone one!

Here is only a few highlights from the show!

Video below.

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Saturday, January 20

What a weekend blast with AAYHF & Tupperware!

Tupperware can be a surprisingly exciting family learning experience on home organization! It’s a chance to bond, declutter, and create a more efficient home environment together. AAYHF & Tupperware held a Tupperware party this past Saturday at the African American Youth Harvest Foundatio n that was a fun-filled learning experience for the entire family. This was a free event!

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AAYHF Boys & Girls Mentoring Programs

January 30, 2024

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More from this week’s Queens2Be (Q2B), AAYHF free girls mentoring program.

The young ladies had a guest to present photos from her trip to Guana. This was truly a learning experience for our youth to explore the culture of Guana.

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AAYHF Boys & Girls Mentoring Programs

January 23, 2024

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1/17/2024 – AAYHF out in the community!

Tyrone Jones and Karen Moore represented the African American Youth Harvest Foundation at Manor Early College High School for our mentorship program recruitment.

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Travis County/City of Austin SYEP 2024 Now Accepting Applications through March 29, 2024.

Youth ages 14-17 – Youth with disabilities up to age 22.

Scan the QR Code or use this link to register:

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Texas’ very first trauma recovery center offers free services and resources for survivors of violence and their families.

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Gloves can be dropped off at the African American Youth Harvest Foundation

You can make a difference in 2024 during this winter season! Mission Accomplished is accepting items and monetary donations to support those experiencing homelessness.

Here’s what you can do :

Donate New and Gloves and Socks.

Help us provide essential warmth by contributing new gloves and socks. These items are crucial, especially with the current weather predictions. When individuals have these items it can make a significant impact on their comfort and well-being.

Drop Off Location:

African American Youth Harvest Foundation

6633 US 290 #303

Austin, TX 78723

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African American Youth Harvest Foundation

6633 Hwy 290 E., #307

Austin, TX 78723



Michael Lofton, Founder & CEO


Text a Donation: Text the word

CHANGE to 77948

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