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Breaking News: 6 Days Until AAYHF’s Annual Gala & Legacy Awards – Tickets Available! – More Information on The Harvest Trauma Recovery Center!

Breaking News: 6 Days Until AAYHF’s Annual Gala & Legacy Awards – Tickets Available! – More Information on The Harvest Trauma Recovery Center!
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Why should you attend

AAYHF’s Annual

 “Changing the Story” Gala & Legacy Awards Event…

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AAYHF Legacy Award Honorees and Friends of AAYHF believe it is important to attend this year’s annual Gala with Keynote Speaker Martin Luther King III because it is an opportunity to support a vital organization that is making a difference in the lives of young people, and to hear from an iconic figure in the fight for civil rights and social justice.

The African American Youth Harvest Foundation (AAYHF) is a nonprofit organization that provides educational and social support programs to youth in the Austin, Texas area. AAYHF’s programs help young people to succeed in school, develop their talents, and become engaged leaders in their communities.

Click on each of their individual’s YouTube interview below to hear their perspective:



AAYHF “Changing the Story”

Gala & Legacy Awards Honorees



Martin Luther King III


State NAACP President – Mr. Gary Bledsoe


Austin NAACP President – Nelson Linder


Mr. Carl Hunter – CEO – Building Promises


Elaine Lofton – AAYHF Chief Program Officer

Phyllis Everette – Founder & CEO Saffron Trust Women’s Foundation

Ebonie Trice – Founder & CEO Mission Accomplished

Sabine “Bini” Coleman – Founder & CEO 212 Catalysts

Dr. Joyce James – President & CEO – Joyce James Consulting

Dexter Brown – Vice President – Dell Technologies

Pastor Joseph C. Parker, Jr. – Senior Pastor, David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

DeAndre Wheeler – Senior Program Coordinator – AAYHF

Twaski Simmons – Founder, D’Affluenza Trauma Coaching & Training Center

Peter Daniels – Co-Founder, Therapy Works ATX

Shuronda Robinson – CEO Austin Women’s Magazine

Carl S. Richie – Attorney at Law

Harish Kotecha – Founder Hindu Charities for America

Reverend Mary Keenan – Associate Director, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Sheri Marshall Jackson, President Top Ladies of Distinction Capital City Chapter/CEO Best Choice Notary Academy/Umoveit-Wecleanit Commerical Janitorial

Bill Wallace – Director, Tomorrow’s Promise Foundation

Chas Moore – Founder & Co-Executive Director,

Austin Justice Coalition

Rev. Roy F. Jones, II – Senior Pastor New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Honorable Ron Reynolds – Texas House of Representatives

Karen Lynne Duffie – AAYHF Social Media Outreach Coordinator/Life Coach/Author

Corey Hopkins – AAYHF Host & Producer

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*Gala Weekend Itinerary Update*

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Martin Luther King, III,

will be the Keynote Speaker at the African American Youth Harvest Foundation Annual Gala, Saturday, October 28. In addition, he will be present for a VIP Brunch and Statewide Youth Summit.


Friday, October 27


Tour of AAYHF Facilities &

Youth Resource Center

Location: AAYHF, 6633 Hwy 290 E.,

Suite #307, Austin, TX 78723

Friday, October 27


VIP Brunch w/MLK III & Panel Discussion (Invitation Only)

Location: Impact Hub,

5540 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78756


Saturday, October 28

Statewide Youth Summit

Registration Required

Email us:


Location: AISD Performing Arts Center, 1500 Barbara Jordan Blvd.,

Austin, TX 78723

*Seeking Sponsorship

Saturday, October 28

“Changing the Story” Annual Gala

6pm-7pm – Reception

7pm-10pm – Formal Dinner & Legacy Awards Event

Location: Fairmont Austin Hotel,

101 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701

For Sponsorship and Special Event inquires contact Michael Lofton: MRLOFTON@AAYHF.ORG

Reserve Your Seat Here

AAYHF would like to thank AISD for the utilization of the AISD Performing Arts Center, which will be the venue for the

Statewide Youth Summit.

AAYHF also would like to thank the IMPACT HUB for the use of their facility where the AAYHF MLK III – VIP Brunch will be hosted.

We hope you will consider attending the AAYHF Annual Gala on October 28, 2023. It is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people in Austin and to celebrate local Honorees that are making a difference in our community.

  • You will have the opportunity to hear from Martin Luther King III, a powerful advocate for social justice.
  • You will be supporting the work of AAYHF, which is dedicated to helping youth succeed.
  • You will be part of a special evening that will celebrate the achievements of local Honorees.

Tickets are selling fast for the AAYHF Annual “Changing the Story” Gala & Legacy Awards.

Secure your table/tickets today!

This will be a

Formal Attire Dinner Event.

Purchase Gala Tickets Here!



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Last Week with AAYHF!

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 – AAYHF Queens2Be (Q2B) Mentoring Program

was an exciting night of fun as well as learning, working with the Health Care Careers Academy team on how to administer CPR, draw blood, and check blood pressure. Our young ladies got to experience first-hand what it would be like and what it takes to save a life.

Thank you again to the Health Care Careers Academy Team!!

Michael Lofton always participates with the youth!

Mr. Lofton loves the kids.”

Check him out in the video below during a CPR demonstration…

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On the same evening, our Boys2Men (B2M) Mentoring Program was held with more guidance from Mentors and Facilitators who really care about the development and success of our young men.

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On October 19, AAYHF hosted a soft opening for the Harvest Trauma Recovery Center .

“Austin will soon be home to Texas’ first trauma recovery center, a community space offering mental health treatment and community interventions related to violent crime, run through the African American Youth Harvest Foundation.”

Read the full article here:

Austin nonprofit readies to launch Texas’ first trauma recovery center | Community Impact

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Getting ready for the Gala…

With the gala only days away A AYHF volunteers attended a training and orientation in anticipation of the fast-approaching weekend of events starting Friday, October 27 through Saturday, October 28!


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Saturday, October 21: AAYHF attended the Wheless Lane Church of Christ Community Fun Day of Events!

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At another event on Saturday, October 21 – AAYHF Team Members, Karon Moore and Sharon Mathis set up an information table at Hope Fest 2023!

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Oct 9 – Oct 15 w/ AAYHF!

Michael & Elaine Lofton were both honored with the 2023 NAACP Visionary Award during the 86th Annual NAACP State Conference, October 12-14, 2023, Pflugerville, Texas.

Congratulations to both of them for a well-deserved acknowledgement!

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Photographed below: Michael Lofton, Gary Bledsoe, President Texas NAACP, and Elaine Lofton

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Photographed below: NAACP National President & CEO, Derrick Johnson & Michael Lofton, Founder & CEO, African American Youth Harvest Foundation (AAYHF)

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Photographed below with Michael Lofton, actor, Mechad Brooks and Honorable Ron Reynolds, Texas House of Representatives

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Photographed below: Derrick Johnson, Elaine Lofton, Gary Bledsoe, Michael Lofton and Alberta Bledsoe

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Photographed below: Charles O’Neal, President, Texas Black Chamber, Elaine Lofton, Michael Lofton and Nelson Linder, Austin NAACP President

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Also, on Saturday, October 14, 2023

Michael Lofton received the

2023 Community Award at the 85th Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Psi Omega Chapter Event!


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Sunday, October 15

Corinth Missionary Baptist Church supports the African American Youth Harvest Foundation!

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Michael Lofton & AAYHF Team Members, Corey Hopkins and GeNell Gary met with Honorable Ron Reynolds, Texas House of Representatives and Legacy Award Honoree to talk about the upcoming Gala and to record his YouTube PSA. (video can be accessed above in the Honoree video library).

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Thank you to A+ Federal Credit Union for their day of service with AAYHF!

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Queens to Be/Q2B and Boys2Men/B2M are weekly scheduled AAYHF mentoring programs held onsite every Tuesday. Our mentoring programs are year-round and free for youth participants.

For more information email us at

AAYHF weekly Boys2Men and Queens2Be Mentoring Program

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Saturday, October 14:

Youth Leadership Institute Monthly Session – Led by AKA

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Saturday, October 14: The African American Youth Harvest Foundation participated in Hispanic Heritage Month Festivities at the Manor Tech Center and Austin Achieve.

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AAYHF with Community Partners!

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Michael & Elaine Lofton attended Hindu Charities for America (HC4A) dba Education Careers for America Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Gala.

HC4A provide and support AAYHF with scholarships in Cybersecurity and we are seeking to expand to other scholarship opportunities.

Michael Lofton, Founder & CEO, AAYHF, was on the panel speaking of the benefit and also spoke about the impact of the scholarships.

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See for yourself the excitement that takes place in our Mentoring Programs and around the Offices of the Harvest Foundation!

Open the YouTube video links below to learn more about the vision and mission Michael Lofton, Founder & CEO, and the AAYHF Team have for young people and the community!


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Youth Leadership Institute w/Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated Beta Psi Omega Chapter Video

AAYHF Annual Back-to-School Backpack Giveaway Video!

Cap Metro & Harvest Foundation Trauma Recovery Center Video!

Michael Lofton speaks during a Youth Mentoring Session Video!

Mentoring Groups Physical and Nutrition Fitness Day Video!

Dr. Charles Urdy Golf Tournament

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We appreciate the support of Cadence Bank Foundation! Thank you, Mr. Rogers, for visiting AAYHF on September 26, 2023!

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Thank you to our friends at The Brewtorium Brewery & Kitchen (Austin, TX) for their ongoing support!

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“Delighted to connect Michael Lofton, CEO of  African American Youth Harvest Foundation  with  TCSOA (Travis County Sheriff’s Officers Association)  leadership. I’m grateful that The Association presented a check to support AAYHF youth programs.”

—Commissioner Ann Howard – at  Travis County, Texas – Government .

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Thanks to Jack n Jill Austin Chapter for supporting AAYHF!

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Thank you to A+ Federal Credit Union for their generous support of AAYHF families and programs!

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Empower Your Legacy: Donate $1500 or More and Receive a $600 Estate Planning Package!

At Thiru’s VFS ( ), we are committed to supporting impactful organizations that uplift our community. That’s why we’re excited to introduce an exclusive opportunity for donors who contribute $1500 or more to the African American Youth Harvest Foundation at , a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering African American youth and their families.

Your generous donation not only transforms lives but also secures your own legacy. As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering you a comprehensive Estate Planning Package valued at $600—completely free.

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Congratulations AAYHF on the Nomination!

Become a

Wheatsville Food Co-op Owner and become eligible to cast your vote for the African American Youth Harvest Foundation to win the

2024 Community Action Award

in the November election!

Find out more about Wheatsville and their all-natural grocery store here in Austin as well as membership information (read more below) or

click here>>> Learn More Here!

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STEM & Mentoring


STEM, Technology, 3-D Printing, Gaming & Coding and more is offered at no charge for youth ages kindergarten through 12th grade inside of the Dell Tech Lounge.

STEM workshops are one of the continuous programs that AAYHF offers for young people.

What is STEM? STEM consists of the natural sciences, technology-related, engineering and math fields.

For more info:

e5253a90 9082 44b2 ae5a 489e9679bc4b
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Scan the QR Code or email us at:

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Happening in Austin!

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TAKE THE SURVEY – $50 gift card HERE:

5174e09e 601e 48d1 af7c f4ee5b453727
c6bddfa1 5522 4720 93a7 a45dca3dcc8e

Health & Vaccine Care

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Food Pantry Info

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African American Youth Harvest Foundation

6633 Hwy 290 E., #307

Austin, TX 78723



Michael Lofton, Founder & CEO


Text a Donation: Text the word

CHANGE to 77948

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