African American’s advocacy work is focused addressing disparities of racial and socio-economic origin by fostering equity and positive changes in quality of life, health and wellness, education, and economic empowerment by collaborative community engagement that:

  • Builds trustworthy and transparent relationships with policy makers, advisors, key public administrators and elected officials.
  • Gathers and communicates impact and implications, sharing what we have learned from our initiatives and heard from the community.
  • Leverages available resources for maximum impact, focusing on where we align with others and working with allies to collectively drive change

We Promote Opportunities that Enrich. Educate. Employ.

Helping Youth and Family Navigate the Path Toward Self-Sufficiency.

Our staff has experience and cultural competency to deliver quality, evidence-based programming to vulnerable youth in the Austin community. We tailor our programming to engage and promote protective factors of peer and family connection, neighborhood and school safety, and educational and economic stability to children who are living in low-income communities and are currently exposed to at least one of the following risk factors: living in poverty, parent–child separation, low levels of parental involvement including poor family bonding and/or family conflict, exposure to drug activity, fighting, and theft. Surveys of program results reveal that most of AAYHF’s youth are experiencing more than one of these risk factors.