Through our programs, nearly 9,000 youth and adults have received services at our flagship African American Youth Resource Center. We have also helped 49 juvenile offenders enroll in our mentoring program, and nearly 2,000 youth and adults have attended our conferences, where we seek to improve our community by focusing on supporting and strengthening the family unit and addressing preconceived notions of minority youth. As a recognized leader in much-needed programming for underserved youth, other local schools and ISDs have identified a need for partnership in order to ensure at-risk youth across the community have a chance to flourish and reach their potential.

Improve Access to Vital Educational, Economic and Enrichment Resources to low income or uninsured community members.  

Impact and Influence Social Determinant of Health, Educational Success and Economic Stability, by identifying and working with key partners to determine actionable roles in positively impacting and influencing the lives of at risk youth and their families

Impact of Unrecognized and Unaddressed Behavioral Health Issues and Resultant Life Impacts that have become more prevalent throughout communities. Effectively addressing the symptoms and economic and educational effects of community members suffering from unrecognized and unaddressed behavioral health

Why we do it…

Mission Statement:

To effectually address disparities and ensure low-barrier access to vital educational, economic, and enrichment resources to underserved, at-risk youth and their families on their path to self-sufficiency.

How we do it…

Culturally Competent….Staff, Strategies and Service Quality

Community-Based…. Accountability, Initiatives and Impact

Collaborative …Efforts, Partnership, and


Youth and Family Enrichment and Support
Parenting Supportive Training, Youth Mentoring, Leadership and Life Skill Development

Youth & Family Resource Center
Low barrier entry, comprehensive service center for educational, health, and social services provision to enable broadly healthier lifestyles.

Family Academy & Fatherhood Training provides redirection parenting and communication coaching, 7-step effective teens mentoring, therapeutic role playing, and media/culture analyzation to mitigate court appearances relating to education for judicial court referred individuals attempting to comply with truancy laws and obtain information to self or family advocate.

SHIFT JJMI is a 3 to 10-day intensive continuous wraparound mentorship and educational/recreational activities program providing pre-and post-release 1-on-1 and small group support for 50 Gardener Betts juvenile delinquent referrals annually. (JJMI – Juvenile Justice Mentoring Initiative)

360SG is an annual academic bowl competition providing leadership, service, and brotherhood interaction along with scholarship mentoring for 4th to 7th graders to establish future household and community leaders. ( Small Group- 360 says we push for full transformation of the youth we serve)

John Maxwell Certified Leadership Program contains 20+ customizable leadership, mentoring, coaching, engagement workshops, and mastermind group (e.g., the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more working toward a definite purpose harmoniously) training methods to enhance individual social platforms.


Youth and Family Health and Wellness
Youth and Family Counseling, Physical, Mental, and Behavioral Health Services

Center for Youth & Family Wellness

Critical mental health and behavioral health intervention specialist program, providing drug addiction counselors, mentors, and counselors to enable the self-management, social, and resistant skills to overcome drug use and behavioral modifications needed for success.

  • Central Health Medical Assistance Program (MAP)
  • Austin Travis County Integral Care, (ATCIC) student counseling and therapeutic service


Educational Achievement and Success:
Digital Inclusion, Suspension Aversion, Out of School Educational Support

SHIFT Ascension is an alternatively individualized AUSTIN ISD on-campus educational wraparound intervention planning method in lieu of out-of-school suspensions. Participation length is 1 to 10-day with a life coach for mentoring, counseling, and academic supervision to promotes cognitive and social emotional development and resilience; while addressing learning and performance barriers to enhance social emotional support.  The program operates via AUSTIN ISD’s school connect program under a 4-phased Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning based curriculum (e.g., self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social management).

Afterschool Program expands access to community resources to further develop character, leadership skills, and ensures educational obtainment via requested mentoring, skills training, and nutritional resources.

Urban University is six college partnered summer program (e.g., June and July), in collaboration with AISD to create and modify JavaScript (e.g., a programming-language to design webpages and add interactive features) based on Minecraft servers (e.g., video games) and virtual tutoring, to prevent learning loss via digital storytelling, entrepreneurship, and hypertext markup language coding (e.g., describes and defines the content of a webpage) for ages 8 to 18.  

Tech Wiz & CODE Avengers (boys) & Sugar Coders (girls) is a 3rd to 8th grade interactive STEM (e.g., science, engineering technology, , and mathematics) program that experiments with 3D Printing, Lego Mind Storm, Robotics, and Video Game Design methodology

Dell Youth CITI is a year-round information community technology skills lab (e.g., computer, tablet or mobile phone, send email, browse the internet, make a video call), STEM education (e.g., science, technology, engineering, and mathematics via an interdisciplinary and applied approach), and computer access to enable learning opportunities, college prep, English proficiency, employment assistance, workforce readiness, and computer skills enhancement


Economic Stability and Entrepreneurial Support
Work Development and Re-Entry, Job Readiness and Career Exploration,

Both Employment & Career Opportunity Network (B.E.A.C.O.N.) is an employment and training case management service program providing subsidized opportunities, opportunity placement, and public & private sector barrier employment access to assist in individuals in job and career goal obtainment.

TOPP STEPP teaches short & long-term skills for at-risk, economically disadvantaged, and ex-offenders to acquire and retain employment via project-based training & internship enrollments.

KREW 12 is a 12 to 15-week program comprised of 2-hour gatherings twice a week to brainstorm, initiate graphic and web designs, facilitate presentation development, and culminate with a short film.  Via media studies and media skills development (e.g., social, design, photography, film, television, and radio), 9th to 12th graders develop requested media for the South by Southwest Film Festival and Austin Police Department.  (Our Youth Chose the Name KREW instead of CREW)